Facility Management Software and Security

“In an emergency I want a facility person sitting right next to me looking at live cameras, video or a snapshot.”

                Mike Wylie 

               Director of Public Safety

                Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

               FacilityONE Customer


Security and safety in corporate and educational facilities is in the news a lot now. The safety of employees and students is paramount and often minutes count in an emergency.  No doubt a lot of organizations are taking a second look at how their equipment and procedures would stack up if something were to happen.

FacilityONE software marries facility management AND security into a multi user multiple access web-based software solution.  It ties into camera systems (360 degree video)  with real time monitoring of devices so that IF something occurs you have the documented data to know exactly WHERE a particular room is and WHAT the room looks like.  You get this information by videotaping hallways, door openings – i.e. where the hinges are and in which direction the doors open, and any other particular information you think would be critical information for emergency responders in a crisis situation.   Life safety systems in a room or building can be documented and this information can be uploaded to FacilityONE SmartPrints, our web-based CADD document management system.

FacilityONE is also a work order management system and asset lifecycle planning tool for C-Suite reporting and analysis.

FacilityONE   Organize. Access. Transform



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